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Outsourcing HR Functions
This can range from Outsourcing the entire HR Function to distinct elements eg. Recruitment, Training, Redundancy or Outplacement Support, Employee Relations etc.

Recruitment is very often the point where hiring the wrong person can bring years of headache and underperformance.  HRS can advice on the various steps or can become actively involved in the process for  In one hundred and fifty years, OMEGA OMEGA Swiss watches in the world one hundred and thirty countries to establish mutual trust and good business relationship. Years of experience and flexible company policy allowed OMEGA to continue to refine on, provide first-class quality of the watch, in order to meet the new need changing customer.Processing from the design, implementation to: each watch shall be qualified through strict quality control testing before delivery.example, providing a shortlist of  suitable candidates, or sit as part of the Interview panel, allowing you to retain complete control over the final selection decisions.

Redundancy / Outplacement
In the current climate many companies need to address downsizing their organisation but are slow or put off making a decision until it is forced upon them. Redundancy law is very complex and in particular claims for unfair selection for redundancy can be very emotive and destructive to employee morale. HRS will work with you to provide the smoothest and most supportive approach to achieving your needs in this area.

Advice and Support on Employment Legislation
Many employers find it difficult replica watches to keep up with the ever changing legislative landscape. HRS will distil the requirements of employment law as they apply to your particular circumstances, leaving you free to concentrate on core activities.

NERA Inspections
HRS will help you ensure you are prepared for a visit from the NERA Inspection team, and if you have already been visited we will assist you in providing a comprehensive response. This is usually done by agreeing an action programme to address the points highlighted during Inspection.

Performance Management
Your people are a critical resource and in order to maintain your competitive advantage you need to ensure they are given the resources and support to perform to their optimum. This means you need to have the framework in place to allow for Grievances and Disputes to be resolved fairly and promptly. In addition, employees perform best when there is clarity and transparency in policies and procedures and where they can buy in to the vision set forth by the management team.

Employee Involvement
High performance culture requires employees to feel part of a team focused on achieving the organisations goals. HRS will help you identify how this might be achieved in your particular circumstances.

Third Party Preparation and Representation (LC/ RC/EAT/EA)
Preparation for and attendance at the various State machinery for dispute resolution and Judicial decision making can be very onerous, time consuming and stressful. We will help you prepare your case and provide representation in all aspects of employment law in respect of any of the various adjudication bodies eg. Rights Commissioner, Labour Relations Commission, Labour Court, Employment Appeals Tribunal, or Equality Authority..

Bullying / Harassment Procedures and Investigation
There is a growing trend in cases being brought by employees alleging Bullying, Harassment or Stress. These are very complex areas of Human Relations and understanding of the outcomes of case law is only at a formative stage. It is critical you have policies in place and that you follow the procedures you have laid down. Internal handling of such cases can often make matters worse due to lack of experience so objective outside expertise is money well spent.


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