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Safety Culture Change Programmes
It takes years to put in place the correct culture but only takes seconds to destroy it. Working with you HRS will help you lay the foundation for a safe working culture in your company

Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18000)
To make safety an integral part of your company operations an integrated safety management system such as OHSAS 18001 can send the right message to employees, clients and the legislative authorities. With HRS’s previous experience in introducing and gaining registration to such a system it makes the milestones easier to map out and achieve.

Advice and support on Legislation
Since 1989 there has been a raft of Safety legislation in the form of Acts and Regulations, and some Codes of Practice introduced in Ireland. To stay compliant in such a fast moving changed legal landscape needs expert advice. The team fake breitling at HRS and any associates used have all recently completed academic qualifications in Health & Safety, combined with regular attendance at seminars and briefings. This expertise is available to you so that you can be assured of being up to date.

HSA Liaison - Inspections Response
Inspectors from the Health and Safety Authority not only have a wide range of powers but they are usually a significant source of help and assistance to organisations to do what is right.  HRS will assist you in developing a positive relationship with the Authority and so benefit from it as a resource.

Risk Assessments Programme
Section 19 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, requires all employers to identify hazards Hublot Replica Watches in their workplace and to provide for risk assessment of these. In addition, you are required to have the risk assessments in writing. HRS has extensive experience in risk assessment and can call on a range of experts to assist in this process.

Safety Statement Preparation
Section 20 of the 2005 Act also requires each employer to have a Safety Statement. This is a statement of how safety is managed in your company and together with the written risk assessments tend to be foremost in the items replica watches required by a HSA Inspector when they visit your premises. This statement must be brought to the attention of all employees and others affected by your work activities and it should be reviewed at least annually.

Safety Inspections / Audits
The safety management system requires continuous improvement. One way to ensure proactive involvement of employees and to stay ahead of safety issues is to conduct regular inspections / audits.  HRS will provide an independent objective report which will demonstrate the gaps, if any, in the safe operation of your workplace.

Emergency Planning
Section 11 of the 2005 Act requires employers to have in place comprehensive Emergency Response plans. HRS will help you pull together the required resources and procedures to ensure the likelihood of an emergency is diminished, or if one occurs that your management team and employees are prepared so as to minimise its impact.

Accident Procedures / Investigation
The target should be to have zero accidents but this is rarely achieved. When accidents do happen the ideal is that systems are in place to assist the injured person, conduct a thorough investigation and to put in place corrective and preventive action resulting from the lessons learned. The expertise of HRS is invaluable in ensuring this process is maximised. The cost of not getting it right is too high.

Traffic Management Plans
Interaction between pedestrians and workplace transport is a considerable source of patek philippe complications replica risk, even fatality. The HSA has targeted Workplace Transport as part of its inspections and has produced very good guidance in this area. HRS has considerable experience in this arena and can help provide optimum solutions for traffic management issues.

DGSA Services
Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road is governed by   Modification: ccie Collaboration lab in this process, Givenchy Handbags repeated inspection work. Waterproof performance of each watch must be detected in the conditions of Givenchy replica Handbags temperature and pressure. In addition, the OMEGA watch identification metal bracelet also subject to inspection, testing whether hermes replica handbags solid comfort. Finally, the tabulation master a professional perspective a thorough review of the new table each upcoming factory. the ADR Regulations. Where you transport such substances by road you are required to have extensive control systems in place and may be required to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). 

HRS can assist you in establishing whether you are liable under these Regulations and so be compliant with this area which is receiving growing attention from the relevant Authorities.

Contractor Control
Contractors can often be a source of serious hazard on your premises. You are legally required to ensure their activities do not harm your own workforce or that your company’s activities do not impact adversely on the Contractors employees on your site.
The definition of construction is very broad and there are extensive obligations and duties on the Client in respect of the activities of Contactors.   HRS has been involved in very significant site developments which will prove invaluable in supporting your control over Contractors on your site.


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